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Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Sale
IMPORTANT NOTE: It is unusual for us to have manufacturing defects with our product. From our experience any damage is usually caused by incorrect handling during freight or careless set-up. Our conditions regarding damage claims are quite specific and designed to limit any misunderstanding or incorrect claims on Timepieces Australia, the Manufacturers, Carriers or Insurers. Our aim is to ensure you receive the goods in good condition and your assistance by reading these Terms & Conditions of Sale and following the instructions noted, particularly on Accepting Delivery and Unpacking of the product, will enable us to provide you complete customer satisfaction. Wherever Timepieces Australia is referred to in these conditions, the same applies to purchases from Uttermost Australia.

When purchasing from our Authorised Outlets, all sales will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sale of those retailers.

Purchasing an Uttermost or Timepieces item from one of our Authorised Outlets will provide reassurance and a local contact point should you require any assistance with your product either at initial installation or with subsequent moves. We provide stock in new original condition to our retail accounts and should you not be satisfied with your product for any reason, the manager of the store where you purchased it would be the person to address any enquiries to.

All Kieninger and Howard Miller mechanical clock products are covered by a 2 year Manufacturers Warranty for which Timepieces Australia acts as agent. All other are subject to a 1 year Manufacturers Warranty. Details and conditions of that warranty are detailed on this website and may be provided on request.


Direct Sales
In areas where we do not have an authorised outlet we will sell directly to customers at the retail prices and within the Terms & Conditions as shown on our website. The goods are shipped directly to the home or office location and normally, if required, installed using the instructions provided.

We aim to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our products. Therefore, to avoid potential misunderstandings, it is important to read this policy prior to your purchase.

The Timepieces Australia ‘White Gloves Clock Service’
Our Kieninger and Howard Miller clocks are relatively simple to install and set-up and, using the instructions provided, should be well within the ability of most people able to follow an English language instruction book and familiar with some assembly knowledge.

For those customers who do need to buy direct from us (because there is no Timepieces Australia authorised retailer close by) and who would like the services of a clockmaker, we have developed our White Gloves Clock Service.

These independent clockmakers have become known to us over the years or by referral. Based on your needs we contact them and co-ordinate their availability and your timing. We provide a quotation for each service in advance and payment is via Timepieces Australia at the time of ordering your clock or directly with the clockmaker depending on your choice.

Most of our White Gloves Clock Service operators are members of the professional industry body, Watch and Clock Association of Australia. Details of this association may be found on their website at www.wca.org.au .

Direct Sales Process
When purchasing direct from Timepieces Australia/Uttermost Australia the process is as follows:

Selection and Ordering

1. Review our range on the website or look through the full range of products using the easy weblinks provided.

2. Email, fax or phone us with your enquiry.

3. If there is one of our authorised outlets nearby or convenient to you we will recommend that you contact them so they may personally handle your requirements.

4. All sales are deemed firm sales. Goods are not sent for inspection purposes and may not be returned due to problems related to size, colour or purchaser changing their mind. It is important that you satisfy yourself regarding the specifications of the product prior to purchase.

5. Timepieces Australia and Uttermost Australia reserve the right to vary or change details of the products, conditions or availability without notice on our website due to manufacturer changes, variations in specifications beyond our control or local market conditions. Product Information provided on our site is based upon that provided by the manufacturer.

6. We will work with you over the phone, fax and/or email to determine the availability and timing of the products you are interested in or propose a number of alternatives for your consideration.

7. When purchasing from Timepieces Australia or Uttermost Australia you agree to the Terms & Conditions as noted here and within this website.

8. In certain limited circumstances we may approve return of and item if it is not what the customer expected despite review of high resolution images of the product on the web. that approval requires the item to be unused, packages in its original box and undamaged by unpacking and a restocking fee of 25% is applicable.


9. Prior to the despatch of the product we would require cleared payment in full via cheque, credit card or EFTPOS. We would also need to co-ordinate with you the day and time of delivery so we may brief our carriers.

10. If the product required is not part of our standard Australian stock lines but available from the Manufacturer we will confirm timing, availability and require a 50% deposit for the value of the goods. Depending upon availability from the manufacturer a delay of up to 16 weeks may occur. This deposit is non-refundable if you simply change your mind.

11. If Recommended Retail Prices (RRP) are shown on this website they include GST but exclude freight and any installation charges if required. Any wholesale prices shown will exclude GST, freight and any installation charges if required. There is no additional charge for the use of a Mastercard or Visa card. If you wish to pay by direct deposit to our account we will provide those bank details on request.

12. Timepieces Australia and Uttermost Australia cannot be held responsible for cheques or cash posted or sent to us and which do not arrive.

13. We will despatch to you using an agreed and appropriate carrier. We can arrange for you to collect the merchandise from our Sydney warehouse if that is more convenient.

Accepting Delivery*

14. Upon delivery it is important that you inspect the carton thoroughly in the following manner:
- While the Carrier is with you and BEFORE you sign the docket, inspect the exterior packaging.
- If there are any signs of damage or marking which suggests the possibility of damage you MUST note those details on the delivery docket.
- You should accept the goods so the driver may depart but it is important that you note any concerns on the delivery docket. If you have any concerns please call us on (02) 9526 7460 during normal business hours, or email to service@timepiecesaustralia.com.au or fax to (02) 9525 3355.


15. The next step is to unpack the product and inspect it thoroughly. You must unpack and inspect the goods WITHIN 48 HOURS of delivery and advise us if there is a problem within 48 hours of delivery. If there are any problems or concerns please contact us immediately so that we may arrange for repair/replacement* or service to ensure your item is in new condition.

16. If there is a problem, Timepieces Australia/Uttermost Australia will advise whether replacement parts or a new clock will be sent and Timepieces Australia reserves the right to repair or replace the merchandise*.

17. If you purchased a clock, when unpacking your clock you should specifically examine and ensure, if applicable, you have received:

  • The cabinet
  • The movement
  • The pendulum
  • The weights
  • The winding crank/key
  • The instruction book
  • The warranty card

Note: Timepieces/Uttermost Australia imports all product in full container loads to ensure they are received in brand new condition with all components from the factory to first class standard. In many cases we will open the carton and inspect the products ourselves prior to despatch. All clocks or cabinets with electric lighting are opened and all wiring, bulbs, switches and plugs configured and replaced to Australian Standards. For this reason you may see some of the original packaging has been disturbed.


18. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTION BOOK PRIOR TO ASSEMBLY. This is vital. Our products are quite easy to install providing instructions are followed in the correct sequence.

20. Please note that Timepieces Australia cannot be held responsible for damage caused by incorrect or mishandling of parts during assembly or incorrect procedures being followed. The instruction book (and instruction DVD where applicable) are very easy to follow but should be followed. For this reason it is important that any damage or quality issues are communicated prior to assembly being commenced. NOTE: Timepieces Australia will not accept liability for damage to items which have been partially assembled*.

Recommendation regarding packaging

21. While not a condition of sale we recommend that owners store their original boxing and all packaging for a floor clock, should a move be required in the future. The large outer box could be collapsed for ease of storage. If it is not practical to store the large box, keeping the gong rod holder, weight box, pendulum box, and other specific packing materials provided, will minimise damage to the clock in the case of a future relocation.


22. All mechanical clocks sold by Timepieces Australia carry a two year Manufacturers Warranty with Timepieces Australia acting as Agent for the Manufacturer.  All other products carry a one year Manufacturers Warranty with Timepieces Australia acting as Agent for the Manufacturer.  Timepieces Australia undertake that goods are to be delivered in a new condition (unless sold in other condition and agreed to by the purchaser) to the original consignee. It is a condition of sale that the consignee recognises and fulfils their obligations in respect to inspection of goods within noted times and provides notification within the nominated time should there be any concerns regarding the condition of the goods delivered.

Freight arrangements and charges relating to any Warranty claim

23. As purchaser you are responsible for the freight payment from our warehouse to your nominated destination. If the goods arrive damaged AND YOU HAVE NOTED THE DAMAGE ON THE DELIVERY DOCKET OR HAVE NOTIFIED US WITHIN 48 HOURS OF RECEIVING THE GOODS THAT THERE IS A PROBLEM then there will not be a freight cost to return the goods to us. If those conditions have not been fulfilled then freight must be paid by the Purchaser in advance of the goods being returned.

24. In no circumstances should goods be returned to Timepieces Australia without prior notification and issuing by us of a Warranty Claim number. GOODS RETURNED TO TIMEPIECES AUSTRALIA WITHOUT A WARRANTY CLAIM NUMBER WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR A WARRANTY CLAIM.

25. If a customer rejects an item due to perception of poor quality and the item is returned to us, and then deemed to be within the manufacturer's specifications, a restocking fee of 25% will apply and return freight will be payable by the customer.

Non-supply or variation to specification

25. Timepieces Australia undertake to use its best endeavours in meeting your requirements. However, if due to circumstances beyond our control such as damage incurred during transit, acts of God, the manufacturer not including your special order in the shipping container, some change to the product specification which we have not been notified about or similar action which has the effect of you not receiving the goods ordered then, while we cannot be held responsible for any consequential damage, or action, we will take all reasonable action to remedy the situation.

*Merchandise Return Policy

Note: No warranty claim can be recognised unless the procedures noted within these Terms and Conditions of Sale are followed. Since our products are made to the highest manufacturing standards, it is our experience that problems are usually only encountered during freight. It is therefore critical for you to inspect the goods at receipt and unpacking.

Key points to note are:
1. Inspection of the Carton and noting on the Delivery Docket if carton, and possibly contents, do not appear to be in good condition.

2. Unpacking and reporting to Timepieces Australia any damaged goods within 48 hours of receipt.

3. Any manufacturing defects affecting the running and adjustment are seldom seen and are usually of a minor nature often remedied over the phone with an adjustment or by our arranging an inspection by a service technician.

If Timepieces/Uttermost Australia determine that a replacement item is necessary due to damage caused by shipping and correct receipt and unpacking procedures have been followed, the process is as follows:

a. The item must be returned in its original box with original packing materials, and all components in original packaging in original boxes. No partly assembled clocks will be accepted. The clock must be returned within 14 days of issuance by us of a Warranty Claim Number. We will arrange for pick-up via the same freight method received.

b. If the item must be returned to Timepieces Australia and Accepting Delivery and Unpacking Instructions were not followed then Purchaser will be responsible for freight of the goods to our Sydney warehouse. Due to the weight of our merchandise, shipping costs on most items range from $30 to $300. Both the original shipping costs and the return shipping costs are the customer's responsibility in this case.

c. To reduce the likelihood of dissatisfaction, please ensure the following issues have been recognised prior to ordering:

  • In many cases, assembly of some components is required. If you have concerns regarding your ability to assemble or install our products we suggest you consider the use of our White Gloves Clock Service.
  • The colour and size of the assembled merchandise is suitable for your needs.
  • The time required for merchandise delivery. If the product you require is not available from Australian stocks we will quote you a projected Australian availability date based upon production details from the manufacturer and shipping details provided by our freight company. Some variation to quoted delivery dates should be allowed for and we maintain contact with you should there be major variations to timing.
  • Refunds will not be made on merchandise fully or partially assembled. If you need assistance assembling the clock we are able to provide local contact details of experienced members of the Watch and Clock Association of Australia. Any charges for this service would be the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • In the case of wall clocks, suitable mountings that are designed to carry the total weight of the merchandise are installed.
  • An administration fee of 25% of the cost of the goods or a minimum of $100 will be charged if the merchandise and packaging is returned in a ‘not new’ condition.

Damaged Merchandise
We take every precaution to properly prepare your item for transit. To help prevent damage, our shipping department will sometimes double-box your merchandise. This is in addition to the factory's already tough packaging. We do not charge for double boxing. Double-Boxing is one way we try to satisfy you by ensuring your item reaches its destination unharmed. In some cases even our best efforts are unsuccessful and your merchandise arrives damaged.

Minor Damage
If your item suffers minor damage in transit, replacement parts will be sent to you free of charge (including shipping).

If you require clarification regarding any of these Terms & Conditions please phone us prior to purchase at (02) 9526 7460, fax us at (02) 9525 3355 or email us at sales@timepiecesaustralia.com.au.

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