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Beautiful Movements

Masterpieces of German Clock Craft

As with finely sculpted furniture, fine art or crystal clear digital television technology it is the underlying engineering knowledge, creativity and innovation which provides break-through and leadership. With that comes recognition of the company, its brands and products.

Established in 1912 in the Black Forest by Joseph Kieninger, Kieninger Uhrenfabrik GmbH is the oldest existing manufacturer of mechanical movements for floor, wall and mantel clocks in the world. They are recognised by leading clock experts around the world for their time honoured quality, precision and industry leading technology. 


Since 1917 the company has been located in Aldingen, a charming village just between the Black Forest and 'Schwabische Alb'. Today the company occupies a 54,000 square foot manufacturing facility, newly constructed in 1991 and employs around 100 dedicated and highly skilled knowledgeable clock manufacturing staff, support teams and management.




Their movements excel with a high level of design and manufacturing quality. Numerous innovations and patents (16 Rod Chimes; second indication for pendulum lengths under 116 cm; automatic beat adjustment; nighttime shut-off systems for ½ hour and ¼ hour movements; automatic chime movement and other manufacturing processes and components) are the measure of design quality.

Manufacturing quality shows in every movement: All movement plates are made of a special hard brass with a tensile strength of 53 kp/mm2. Pinions are made of high-quality steel or stainless steel. Fast turning pinions are hardened.

All journals are roller burnished in a special process. Some movements feature bronze-bushings and/or jewels in critical positions. The gears are made of very tough and hard brass alloy with a tensile strength of 62 kp/mm2 . A high level of corrosion protection for all components is assured. Brass components are pickled and receive a coat of clear lacquer. Steel components are made from stainless steel or receive a galvanic nickel coating. Each movement has a laser engraved serial number.

Movements for Australian Timber Cabinets

We are pleased to provide details of Kieninger movements on request if you are considering a locally made Australian timber cabinet.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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